Missio Africanus

Missio Africanus is a missions-focused organisation with the goal of training and equipping Christian leaders (African and otherwise) to understand and overcome the cultural barriers they encounter in their work in the West, thereby maximising the effectual impact of the African missionary movement, both in Africa and in the African Diaspora.

Contact Address

  • Andrew Walls Centre
    Liverpool Hope University
    Hope Park, Liverpool L16 9JD


Harvey Kwiyani


Colin Smith

Board member

Jonathan Ruhumuliza

Board member

Girma Bishaw

Board member

John Tasker

Board member

Sheila Akomiah

Board member

Joseph Ola

Board member

“British Christians prayed for revival. When it came, they did not recognise it because it was black.” We need to begin to undo this.
Dr. Harvey Kwiyani
Executive Editor, MAJAM

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About Missio Africanus

We are a a missions training organisation that focuses on equipping non-Western missionaries for missional effectiveness in the West.