Volume 3, Issue 1

April 2017

Table of Content

    1. Theology of Mission in the Malawi Assemblies of God by Andrew Mkwaila
    2. Christianity’s Encounters With Indigenous Religions in Ghana by Bernard Appiah
    3. Blessed Reflex: African Christians in Europe by Harvey C. Kwiyani
    4. African Church Responds to the Refugee Crisis in Europe by Kyama Mugambi
    5. The Pambio and New Musical Inculturation of the Gospel in Africa by William Obaga
    6. Book Review: Harvey Kwiyani - Sent Forth Reveiwed by Gemechis Garshaw
    7. Book Review: Steven Paas - Christianity in Eurafrica Reviewed by François Kaboré

​This issue explores a wide range of subjects. In the first essay, Andrew Mkwaila, writing from Malawi, explores the possible impact of a missio-Dei-shaped ecclesiology on the Malawi Assemblies of God. The second essay, written by Bernard Appiah, a Ghanaian based in Britain, holds neo-Pentecostal Christianity and African traditional religions in Ghana in a comparative tension as he discusses development as a means of missional engagement with locals Africans and the use of media. Kyama Mugambi’s essay discusses a model of partnership between a congregation in Germany and another in Kenya. William Obaga is a church-music historian of Kenyan origin but now writing in Germany. He explores the role of folk music in the inculturation of the gospel in Kenya — and by extension, across sub-Saharan Africa. The final essay, written by Harvey Kwiyani, focuses on the presence of African Christianity in Europe. Using the term of “blessed reflex”, he discusses the missionary potential of African churches in Europe; their opportunities and challenges.

Dr. Harvey Kwiyani
Executive Editor, MAJAM

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