MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission: African Christian Diaspora Route

Missio Africanus partners with CMS

We are excited to announce that Missio Africanus is partnering with Church Mission Society (CMS) to launch an African Christian Diaspora route to a new MA in Theology Ministry and Mission.
This is a new course of study to help the church address the shortfall that many Christians have in understanding the African church and its impact on faith in the UK (and generally in the West).
The programme is accredited by Durham University and consists of six modules assessed by a variety of methods and a dissertation of 12,000–15,000 words. The programme is fully accessible online and led by African scholars

Open Day

We are delighted to invite you to an ONLINE OPEN DAY EVENT for this new AFRICAN DIASPORA CHRISTIANITY route for a Masters in Theology, Mission and Ministry.
You will hear about the shape of the route, learn of its intentional balance of academic focus and practical pioneer ministry training, and get to meet the tutors. Former students will be in attendance to share about the impact of the course on their ministries.
Join us for the Open Day on 28 June 2021 by 7:30pm.
To register, email on or before Friday 25 June.

Understanding God's Work in Africa and among Diaspora Africans...

Led by African scholars, MA students at CMS will study Africa as a creative, vibrant centre of Christianity and site of theology for the 21st century. Subjects explored will include African religion, African Pentecostalism and African theology in addition to other pertinent themes such as race, colonialism and migration.

Through the programme it is hoped both African diaspora students and those from other ethnic backgrounds will gain an understanding of God’s work in Africa, and among African Christians in the UK and around the world. Under the accreditation of Durham University the new study programme modules will be included in CMS’s existing MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission. 

Word from our Director

British Christians prayed for revival. When it came, they did not recognise it because it was black. We aim to be a part of untangling this injustice. The course, therefore, hopes to attract church leaders, theologians and those with a genuine interest in learning from the African Church to gain a more complete picture of mission in the 21st century.

Cathy Ross on the Pioneer MA at Church Mission Society

"Respected Scottish mission historian Andrew Walls once said, ‘If you want to learn something about Christianity today, you must know something about Africa.’ This new focus is a chance for students to grasp that opportunity. Our vision is to see a vibrant network of pioneers and diaspora leaders in mission engaged in transforming mission and we hope that this new initiative marks the first steps towards our vision where theological education is established in diverse communities where students from different cultures can flourish."
Dr Cathy Ross
Head of Pioneer Mission Leadership Training in Oxford and Course Coordinator

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