Leadership Team

Harvey C. Kwiyani

Dr. Harvey Kwiyani is a leading African missiologist. He teaches African Theology at Liverpool Hope University. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Missio Africanus and the General Editor of Missio Africanus: The Journal of African Missiology.

Colin Smith

Dr. Colin Smith is the Dean of Mission Education at the Church Mission Society (CMS). He had previously served as Director of the Centre for Urban Mission and taught at Carlile College, a Church Army Training College, and St Paul’s University. He has a doctorate in Missiology from the University of South Africa.


Dr Sheila Akomiah-Conteh recently completed her doctorate degree at the University of Aberdeen where she researched into the changing landscape of the church in Scotland, specifically focussing on the emergence of new churches in the last 15 years in the city of Glasgow.

Joseph OLA

Joseph Ola is a minister in The Apostolic Church, Liverpool, currently studying MA African Christianity at Liverpool Hope University. Previously, he completed an MA Biblical and Pastoral Theology at Liverpool Hope University during which programme he investigated the cross-cultural missionary initiative of African Pioneered Churches in Liverpool.

John Tasker

John Tasker is involved in building multicultural churches as a lay minister in the Diocese of London, a Commissary of the Bishop of Angola, and a trustee of MANNA since 2009. He has a Masters in Theology with Church Mission Society (CMS), focusing on Pioneer Mission.

Girma Bishaw

Dr Girma Bishaw is an ordained minister at the Ethiopian Christian Fellowship Church in London where he has been pastoring for about twenty years. He has a Masters degree in Theological Education and Youth Ministry at King’s College London, and recently completed his doctoral studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky, USA.

About us

We are a a missions training organisation that focuses on equipping non-Western missionaries for missional effectiveness in the West.

Our mission

Our mission is to mediate the unleashing of Africa’s missionary potential in the world by maximising the effectual impact of the African missionary movement, both in Africa and in the African Diaspora.

Our offer

  • Missio Africanus Journal of African Missiology
  • Annual Conferences and Seminars
  • Cross-cultural Mission Empowerment Programme