Moya Chronicles

Moya Chronicles chases the story of God’s Spirit at work in Africa and among Africans by addressing practical issues facing African congregations both in Africa and in the African diaspora. The articles are written for African church leaders (bishops, pastors, ministers, musicians, and many others) interested in thinking critically about their ministries and the contexts in which they serve God. Even though the articles are written and edited with academic rigour, their primary audience includes African Christians who have neither access nor interest in academic theology. Articles are 1000 words long and are formatted onto a 2-page PDF file that can be shared on WhatsApp, Telegram, and other such means. Those interested to contribute can email their articles to You can also subscribe to receive the episodes as PDF on WhatsApp. To subscribe, simply WhatsApp ‘SUBSCRIBE’ to +44 7566 826690 and we will add you to our lists.